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        • Open
          Company ownership structure

          · Planning and arranging the ownership structure of the company for the long-term development

          · Conducting the legal audit on the advantages and disadvantages of the current situation of equity arrangement, and making legal risk assessment accordingly;

          · Planning the shareholding structure arrangement of the shareholding transformation / shareholding cooperative transformation of state-owned enterprises;

          · Process of M&A/restructuring, planning and designing the ownership structure which can achieve the customer's transaction purpose and maximize the profit;

          · Designing and arranging ownership structure in MBO, trust and other equity transfer or investment and financing;

          · Planing the most effective adjustment plan of ownership structure;

        • Open
          Labor law

          · Providing all-round services from employee recruitment to employee dismissal, drafting, review, revising labor contract, employee manual, non-competition agreement, salary system and other human resources management documents;

          · Providing advice on staff transfer and placement in the process of restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, dealing with staff reduction plans, participating in negotiations with employees;

          · Providing cross-border labor legal services, such as personnel arrangement, legal application, employment and residence in China for transnational and cross-border dispatch of ordinary staff or senior managers;

          · Providing consultation for enterprises to deal with the problems of crimes and corruption committed by senior employees, assisting enterprises in investigating and collecting evidence, and dissolving labor relations among employees who violate regulations;

          · Providing advice on the retention of key employees in the process of mergers and acquisitions, draft, review and revise the golden parachute plan and equity incentive plan for senior managers of multinational companies in China;

          · Dealing with trade union law-related matters, such as drafting, reviewing and modifying collective contracts, participating in collective bargaining, guiding enterprises to form trade unions and handling disputes, guiding enterprises to declare, pay social insurance, and transfer social insurance relations, etc.

          · Providing legal advice for enterprises on social insurance and welfare compliance issues.

        • Open

          · Tax policy analysis of investment entry and exit;

          · Investment structure design;

          · Tax planning for corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, including pre marketing restructuring;

          · Tax planning for financing;

          · Tax planning for high-income individuals and corporate executives;

          · Tax optimization supply chain management planning;

          · Corporate daily tax advice;

          · Tax planning for import and export;

          · Transfer pricing;

          · Tax dispute resolution;

        • Open
          Coping with criminal investigation / criminal defense

          · Assisting customers to response criminal / compliance / anti-corruption investigations initiated by relevant agencies, and provide emergency plans to assist in public opinion monitoring;

          · Providing comprehensive criminal defense services for clients in specific criminal cases, making optimal defense strategy decisions, and helping to achieve good judgment results;

          · Assisting client to act as agent for criminal incidental civil litigation or related civil and administrative litigation cases, and assisting client to investigate and collect evidence and respond to litigation;

          · Assisting clients to communicate fully with the case handling organs, effectively communicate on criminal compulsory measures, criminal compensation, criminal reconciliation and other matters and strive for the best results;

          · Assisting clients to represent cases in which criminal and civil relations exist. Assisting clients to initiate criminal investigation on the basis of criminal clues in the case. Promote the favorable progress of civil cases with the evidence of criminal cases or the results of investigation and judgment;

        • Open
          Criminal compliance

          · Construction of criminal risk prevention / compliance / anti-corruption system and daily legal consultation;

          · According to the customer's business model, assisting in compliance with China and foreign countries (such as the United States, European Union countries, etc.) criminal risk prevention / compliance / anti-corruption legal provisions;

          · Providing legal training in criminal risk prevention / compliance / anti-corruption and other aspects, daily legal consultation and new law newsletter to assist customers to establish and improve internal compliance system and risk control system;

          · Providing legal services for the prevention and control of criminal risk / compliance / anti-corruption in specific cases, and to assist in responding to government investigations, surprise checks and inquiries, including the formulation of pre-plan measures, on-site assistance and crisis management;

          · Providing emergency legal hotline service to ensure that customers can get effective legal help, in view of the criminal / compliance / anti-corruption risks of the senior executives;

          · The criminal risk control / compliance / anti-corruption proposal for Chinese enterprises to provide investment destinations for overseas investment to escort Chinese companies involved in "one belt and one road" and other overseas investment projects;

          · Criminal control/compliance/defeat investigations or reviews are carried out against the clients' counterparts (suppliers), including the counterparts themselves, shareholders, actual controllers and executives.

        • Open
          All-year-round company legal adviser

          · Providing legal advice for the preparation and establishment of the company, apply for company registration;

          · Providing legal advice for company changing, cancellation, asset liquidation, etc., and handling relevant legal affairs on behalf of the company;

          · Participation in the contract management of the company, taking part in the negotiation and major contracts drafting;

          · Drafting, reviewing and amending all kinds of legal documents, contracts and letter of intent related to the project;

          · Participation in important economic activities involving the company's rights and interests, such as merger, separation, investment, lease, asset transfer, bidding and so on, and assist in handling relevant legal affairs;

          · Assisting the company in handling intellectual property rights legal affairs such as trademark, patent, copyright, computer software, trade secret protection, etc.

          · Developing overall labor relations and human resources management programs and systems to assist clients in drafting individual/collective labor contracts, training agreements, non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements, employee handbooks and company internal rules and regulations;

          · Accepting entrustment, representing of the company in litigation and arbitration;

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